Saturday, 16 June 2012

Shopping maketh the happy woman

I am unsure if I have just been kept out of the dark for ages or whether this has just blown up but I've just truly discovered the wonder of Asos Marketplace
So for those similar to me who've never ventured into marketplace land, Asos have set up an ebay like store where budding fashionistas/hungry for money trend folk can upload their gorgeous garments, new or old. 
Prices range from very a couple of quid to several hindered, so everyone is happy! 
The reason I really love this is one has access to unique pieces from real people, like having a swap over with your mates. But being linked to Asos, you're able to feel confident with you purchases!

I say if you haven't explored Asos Marketplace before, do have a look!
Just a couple of my favourite stores are...

A really reasonably priced store. My favourite pieces are the blouses which come in all kinds of funky patterns, often ones you find in charity shops but can't be arsed to cut up. The model is cute too, I will surely be keeping my eye on it

Mega cheap! Everything here looks really lovely quality, and a little bit different to what you might find everyday. great looking store

Such a cute little store to browse! It saddens me to say I'd personally never rock any of it's stock but I think anyone who can is a winner by my books
This is a pretty wicked store. Some pieces are a little too much for me, but some bits are top notch. I adore these in particular 

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