Sunday, 24 June 2012

My dream Topshop haul

I can't deny that against all my will to fight my love for topshop, and despite its ability to churn out copy after copy and influence too many way too young girls to pretend they're 'grunge' or 'hipster', and encourage paedophilia via short shorts AND well lets not discuss 'Sir' Philip Green, I still bloody love the rags it distributes most seasons

Some pieces I've got my eye on this summer are 
(top left to bottom right)

Lace Strappy Sundress £36.00

MOTO Denim Floral Ruffle Playsuit  Was £35.00 Now £15.00

Earth Printed Dip Back Skirt £32.00

MOTO Washed Stripe Hotpants £32.00


  1. Ah another dipped hem skirt! I've already bought 2 this season, I can't stop!


    1. I knoww, I've got one too! This one is extra gorgeous though x

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    Love from, MISSIFFA