Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Dude, you should try this...

With summer (kind of) arriving, I feel like I want to be a Persian princess. My main this week in the face department is to glow in a healthy none sweaty fashion. My tools for this I hear you cry?..

Topshop's highlighter  this is a super golden glittery highlighter with an impressive pigment. Its super affordable too, which is always pleasant. This suits olive/medium complexions BEAUTIFULLY but for you fair gals, maybe stay away from these yellowy guys

Revlon Colourburts Lip butter in Tutti Frutti  If you haven't tried these yet, what on earth are you playing at pal?! These lip butters have been going around the blogging world for a while now, and the reasons for that are clear. Say what you will, theses are the best things when you just can't be arsed for lippy!

Maybelline's Colour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in Eternal Gold  Again, if you haven't heard of these, what are you doing man? These again, in my opinion, truly live up to the hype. I was not only impressed with the colour selection (despite being limited) but also the quality of pigment. This colour is a dream for the summer time, and its born to be applied against an Olive skin tone like Scarlett Johnson was born to wear red lippy

Keihl's Ultra Facial Cleanser  OH LORD HAVE MERCY, why have I only just discovered this gem? Seriously. Why? Why does no one rave about this as much as it deserves? My skin THANKS me when I use this. Maybe it's just me, but having combination skin, I kid you not this balances any hydration issues or over oil production. At a very reasonable £15 and a need to use a tiny amount, this is well worth a try!

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb  ultimate floral summer scent? yes, yes it is. I don't even know what else I can say, smell it and you'll just understand...


  1. I love the lipstick's color! ヅ

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  2. The highlighter looks amazing! I shall give it a try. :)

    1. its gorgeuuss and lasts for ages!