Sunday, 27 May 2012

Summer Battles

Long time no speak amigos!
But I'm back, indubitably with a post you're sick of reading about? Yes, these are my summer essentials. I find summer a right pain, all sweaty Betty going on. These products help me feel sane and go about my day (my obvious staple for this is
B-O-dorant but I'm not that icky) Enjoy!

Eau Thermale Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser

When you feel all yucky and sweaty and you just want to clean your mug, this is your guy. Its a milky cleanser which you don't use water with and you may be thinking, 'You plonker I want a cool down'... Fear not my lambs, just follow on to the next product...


Eau Thermal Avene Water Spray

This product saved my life. Lets end it there. No not really, but it is cracking. I have somewhat an obsession with French skincare, and am quite the explorer in this field. Avene is an amazing brand, and I believe that all of their skincare is actually based upon this stuff. I believe it met all of the claims that are advertised with this, something so few products do. A spray of this and you feel so cool and fresh! My favourite ways to use this is as part of makeup removal as a toner, as an after sun or for a cool down, and when my skin is sensitive or red. At a humble £6.50, it's worth a go

Tinted Moisturiser Spf 15

This by all means is not the greatest product in the world. The colour range is off, it smells funny and it takes a little bit of work to get a good finish. BUT it's £1.50 a tube, and if you know what you're doing with a decent makeup brush, you'll get very good results. I'm a big ELF fan (bar the shipping fees, I bloody hate shipping fees) and with a decent stipple/buffing brush, and a little blending, you can actually get a good coverage from this. The SPF makes it perfect for those (rare) sunny days. Give it a go and see how it treats you!

No7 Cheek Tint Blusher

A lovely cream to powder blush, which makes it easy to blend into 'glowing' cheeks whilst leaving the skin nice and matte. This gets a bit of stick about its consistency but i disagree. The shade 'peach' is perfect for some colour without bronzing, something I don't enjoy doing




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