Thursday, 22 March 2012

Best TV shows to get your eyeballs on

Arrested Development 
Dysfunctional family, check. Will Arnet, check. Child Michael Cera, check, Tobias Funke's innuendos. Unfortunately, this true genius was axed in 2006 though three strong series were made. Damn you America and your lack of knowing what's funny. Fear not my humorous lovelies for a movies is in the works! YESSAAIIII

Black Books 
Proper British comedy that's so devilishly unexplainable it makes the most sense. Black Books has such a strong cast including Bill Bailey and Dylan Moran. I highly recommend you check this out. If you're in the UK it's ALL available on 4od FREEEEEEEEE. 
Peep Show 
 Welcome to the complex world of a cynic. If you ask me what British channel 4 stands for I'd reply Peep Show. So cleverly simple, just a couple of ageing men being pretty pathetic really. An absolute legend of modern TV, if such a thing exists. Love. All hail Super Hans.
Thick Of It  
OK, so, this is a political drama. But as long as you enjoy laughing till your sides hurt at the most genius insults known to man it doesn't even matter. Watch this stuff and you'll understand. Intellect does not come into this, in fact, the whole show is somewhat about a lack of just that. Genius stuff. And a film of it too!

Watch It Now Because I Have No Doubt Evil TV Networking Companies Will End It Soon 

Because this these shows are all still currently airing, and I do not want to ruin them for anyone (I'm the queen of plot spoilers) I will simply make you aware of them with trailers. Basically, I don't watch TV ever, but I make a conscious effort to be hooked on the following shows...
Trailer for season three (currently airing in the US) 
This is a trailer for season 3, therefore it reveals little about the show. Can I point out it is a mockery of modern cinematic trailers, hence the epic music. This is one of the cleverest, most well constructed shows to come out of America so start from season one and YOU WILL BE HOOKED. #sixseasonsandamovie 
Trailer for season seven (currently airing in the US) 
This is the last series of this show (WHICH MAKES ME WANT TO CRY). Again, start from the beginning, this is an INSANELY amazing show, which despite this trailer isn't at all scary or full of gore, but in fact pretty hilarious whilst exploring some seriously deep issues which I won't get into because no one actually care. To be honest, I think I could write quite a hefty essay on this stuff. 

Danger 5 
THIS IS EXACTLY HOW IT LOOKS. Scale model dinosaurs YES, a leader with the head of a bird YES, a Russian foxy militant spy YES.  The best thing to come out of Australia? Yes sir, yes it is. Thank God for Hitler, am  I right? please note I do not mean that literally, this is a hilarious show and a mockery needs to be made from those who perished out world I DON'T ACTUALLY LIKE HITLER.

Death Valley 
 I never thought I could truly enjoy something MTV produced on a conscious level, buy hear yee hear yee I'm a-lovin' this. Just when you think the vampire and zombie thing has been drained of it's last juices (D'YA GET IT HAHAHAHAHAHA) this comes and smacks you in the face. I Love when a show has some new faces too who you know are going to blow your mind on the screen soon. WATCH THIS IT'S HILARIOUS

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