Thursday, 16 February 2012


SK:N is a brand I have only recently became aware of. The company itself is the number one beauty clinic in the UK, so it's surprising how little people know of them. Although, as an affordable brand on the competitive skincare market, it is relatively new. And it's certainly affordable, retailing at just £11 for the cleanser range and £20 for their exfoliators. I'd consider this somewhat a luxury brand, therefore their pricing is simply phenomenal. 

So down to the nitty gritty. I've explored their cleanser range most thoroughly, trying the washes targeted at oily skin as well as their normal/combination skin. 

I have heavily problem skin, suffering from frequent acne, sensitivity and overproduction of oil. This is the team which makes it hard to find an ideal skincare routine for. I've tried many avenues to help my skin stay calm and despite the fact I'm young and my skin hasn't found its feet, I've already discovered some both good and bad products. Moreover, I've concluded money doesn't always equal quality. 

Back to SK:N. To put this in the simplest terms, I loved it. I feel its important to establish your skin type, as each cleanser is very differently formulated according to each. I think this is a fantastic thing, as this way you know they haven't just written big claims on the bottle which don't play out. At first I thought the range that would work best for me was the one targeted at oily skin. This is a gel wash which foams up. I thought the quality, consistency, ability to remove makeup and dirt, as well as general finish were all of a fantastic standard. However, after a couple of minutes my face felt a little tight so I needed to moisturise. This didn't bother me immensely as the finish of my skin after every wash was glowing. So I decided to try out the normal/combination cleanser which was a lotion that you massage onto your face and either wipe or wash away. Again, it's fantastic. It has to be said, it takes two goes for me to properly remove my makeup, but that could be as I'm rather anal. This cleanser in the normal/combination type has now worked itself into my everyday skincare routine and I'm seeing gentle but noticeable improvements. 

Overall, all aspects included, I'd recommend SK:N as a brand for all, be that young or old. I hope their name grows and people discover just what a fantastic brand they are.

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