Monday, 20 February 2012

How to be beautiful like a proper student

So I read dozens of blogs and watch tons of videos about how us who pretend to be in education but are really just pissing about can save money on our ever important beauty routine. Usually, I've found the recommendations are along the lines of 'find a Mac dupe', or 'get yourself a cardie from Primark instead of Topshop'! Well, I can guarantee, the following guide will go beyond saving £3 and turn to dirty tactics and being a filthy cheapo without anyone even knowing...

1. Beauty starts from within. If you're waking up with boils on your face, maybe consider it's because it's Wednesday and you've already had three takeaways. 
2. Let your face have an occasional day off from the old slap! This way, it'll last a bit longer and your skin is left to breath as if it had been reborn.
3. Now, this is where it gets a bit dirty. You think you have to start using cheaper brands of skincare due to the pinching budget? WRONG. In fact, aim higher. Top skincare brands offer tester samples like there's no tomorrow (especially if you pretend to write a successful blog...) Raid all your department and drug store and stock up.
4. It's what your mama taught you, and I stand by it. There ain't no better toner than cold water. 
5. Think homemade. Have a little google of recipes for homemade face/body scrubs, face masks, hair masks the lot. I have a cracking sugar scrub recipe that I find works a gem. 

1. It's got to be saved again... Lurk around those high end beauty counters! I'm currently using Chanel foundation for the decent price of £0
2. Simple, but don't be wasteful. Buy products and use them up till the end. Or maybe you shouldn't have bought it?
3. Look out for tacky makeup stands you can find in most shopping malls in the UK. They stock a high number of quality brands at below trade price. They often get dismissed but they're find once you dig your way through the stacks of plastic false nails, vajazzles and L'Oreal's RollOn Foundation (WHY DID THEY THINK THAT WAS FINE)

 1. Charity shops are the ONE. Now that they've gotten pretty hip and happening, most of them have improved their smell too. Have a little rummage and I guarantee you'll find some amazing stuff
2. MAKE DO AND MEND, still ever so relevant today. And why not? That way you know you'll be unique. 
3. Steal you acquaintances clothes. But seriously. Have you ever looked though your friends/boyfriends/sisters wardrobe? You know we all have that corner that we stock unworn clothes in? Well that's the corner to raid! They can't quite throw them out but they'd be happy to see you strutting in them

Not being a vegetable and leaving the house occasionally
1. There are simply tons of venues out there that will put on club nights for students for pennies, take advantage!
2. Have a W I C K E D house party (and invite me)
3. Visit local businesses such as small cafes/restaurants or opt for an independent  cinema. They tend to be a lot cheaper, friendlier and overall a better experience. 
4. Go for a little stroll 
5. Volunteer. Not only you benefit that way.


  1. hahaha, so funny- I'm going to try it!

  2. Hahaha I love this! So true about the free samples. I get my foundation from Clarins and everytime I go they give me millions of free samples of exfoliator, moisturizer.. list is endless.

    Lovely blog, defiantly worth a follow :)

    Ruth xxxx

  3. Haha! I loved reading this! :) xx