Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Beauty over the years

Probably my least signature decade. I found it a bit tricky to choose women from this time that I personally admire on a beauty level. It was an age of caking on the slap and fooling people. I know perhaps I should have immediately reached for Marilyn and the likes, but she can be over done. Yes, her look inspired generations and if you look on youtube for less than 10 minutes you'll find thousands of- good and bad- Marilyn Monroe looks. She just isn't me.
So after serious consideration, my favourite beauty of the 50's has to be Ava Gardner.

Ava Gardner 
An astounding film star in her own right, and considered a beauty in her own time. With the make up sleek and well done, her face looked to be the very symmetry of God. However, don't deny the dirty and sultry undertone that her dark lips and long narrow eyes achieve. The definition of sexy, no?

I couldn't choose one, OK?! I just couldn't. THIS is THE decade. The revolution of beauty was a tidal wave of eye liner. The 1950's baby boom produced some right corkers. 

Breaking the mould of femininity like no other, Twigs earned the right to be on my list. Her tiny frame and mind blowing eyes do things to me like nothing else. I dream of having no curves so I could be as cool as Twiggy. I don't find her so much attractive, I just want to BE her. I reckon her pout probably inspired the females of Tumblr too...

Jane Fonda 
Total opposite to Twiggy, Jane didn't break the rules. She invented them. Coined 'the body', Jane Fonda's name was definitely used for quite a few boys' socks back in the day. And being the lead star in my all time favourite film, Barbarella, she wins my heart. Her make up has now been adopted into my everyday routine. Her face is the epitome of perfection.

The 70's were a continuation of revolution. Women were losing their 'I'm a slave to man' attitude and bringing their metaphorical balls right onto the table. This time was so sexy and I have the ladies to prove it.

Stevie Nicks 
The unsung hero. Even ignoring her set of pipes, this lady knew how to do it. Those fluffy, angelic but so dirty blonde waves worked a charm on her . And her minimal I 'actually don't give a damn' makeup makes me tingle. I channel this lady into myself and hope that one day I can look so damn cool.

Debbie Harry 
Maybe she was an 80's lady but these are her routes. I often favour her look in the late 1970's as it's a lot more dirty and imperfect. It looks half sweated off after a night of serious partying. Well, it probably was. In this count down, she also wins my fashion award, which I have named, 'I'll steal your clothes, which is for the best because then you'll be naked' award.  She'll always be remembered for her look, and I'm more than happy to agree that. She's an utter fox. All hail Debbie, aaaaaaaaaaah 

This decade screams at me, 'don't remember me for my latex aerobics body suit, remember me because I produced these....'

Michelle Pfeiffer 
Number one: Respect for being this huge with a name that had to spell.
Number two: I've never seen anyone rock the bra off shoulder like you Michelle, no one.
She doesn't force onto us the bad things about 80's fashion that we'd rather forget. She rocks the burgundy lip and that's fine with me.
Pfeiffer is THE one. She looks like the devil in the greatest way possible. You know like that sexy devil who persuades men in films to do bad things? She's that. Wait, did she once play that character? She should have. I sometimes knock my bra strap just so for a second I can pretend. But then I remember, it's making my bingo wings bulge...

Joan Jett
Opposite or what? This androgynous eyeliner wonder has a look that echoes through the ages. She makes it ok to cut my hair myself. I like. So should you. Pure filth. Also, she's absolutely beautiful, scarily so.

Only one for this decade. I could choose a million. The 90's, to me, are the highlight of fashion and beauty and everything really. One woman reps it for me

Juliette Lewis
Juliette Lewis is one of my favourite ever actresses and I find her generally mind blowing. Her music is somewhat disappointing but I can look past that. She's really dirty and naughty and that's enough for me. Her style in the 90's (which include Braddy Armpit) just scream 'be mine'. She also takes the 'I'll steal your clothes, which is for the best because then you'll be naked' award.

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