Friday, 20 January 2012

What you need in your life this year

for this is the most important, and in case and penis holders are reading this (unlikely), music comes first. As everyone says at the beginning of year, this ones gonna be a big'n.
Toe crippling bands 
Pulled Apart By Horses (my fave lads everrrrr) 1st album is beyond epic and what I've heard of the second, well lets just say shit is getting real. It's rare to hear so much development in a band after just one album. On top of that, they're definitely one of my favourite live bands. I've never gone so wild as I did (unfortunate for all my chums) at their show last year at The Cluny in Newcastle. Album is out 23rd January and tour in February! CHECK THEM OUUUUUT
Everyone is baking this year at 
Fest of the year for me is going to be BOOM TOWN FAIR. Ska, Reggae and everything else you need. Tickets are cheap as chips and you're undoubtedly going to have a corker of a time. Check it out


Right now, I'm loving Dove as a haircare brand. It's hard to find products on the high street that aren't packed with silicone and other surface shields that clog up your hair follicles in the long run. Dove has a range of Damage Therapy products that I think work really well to give a well conditioned healthy look, for a price you can afford. I'm especially loving the heat defence spray the have.  
in 2012, look no further for a healthy complexion than one store. Face, body, hair, and fragrance. DONE. Its a one stop shop for it all. I love their exfoliating range and fresh face masks the most. I'm sure you've all heard of that delicious cupcake one. Every time I put it on I'm one second away from sticking my tongue out to have a lick. My favourite has to be Love Lettuce as it's gentle and really balancing. It feels like you're treating yourself every time you wash. Have a rummage around the store and I bet you one of the (overly) friendly staff will help you find what you want. DO IT. 
make up
Ahhh the world of make up... How do I recommend something for a WHOLE year when I myself change my mind every week? I think the most efficient thing for me to do is name some brands that I think are really going to be ones to watch out for this year. 
Firstly, one of my top drugstore brands, Collection 2000. I think they've come leaps and bounds and their base range for the face is truly good quality. 
Next, I'm really looking forward to the UK release of the Revlon Lip Butter (IF IT EVER HAPPENS) in about 100 million shades. I'm pining to try some out for sure. If any American friends would be kind enough to send me samples that would be very nice. 
Also, Soap&Glory cosmetics range! I know they kicked off a little while ago, but the way things have been going, and the quality of their products so far (Kick Ass concealer being my absolute best), they are ones to watch. 
not so much a brand but a product you NEED. orange lipstick. A really matte lovely shade that suits you is definitely one to find. I think orange in the right shade can look so cool on everyone. I'd go more pigmented the darker you are. Some safe bets include the TOPSHOP matte lipstick in Ohh La La, or one by Stargazer (cheap as chips) in shade 206

Have a cracking and beautiful year lovely people

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