Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Oscars 2011- aka- a none accurate representaion of 2011's best films

THE MOST EXCITING PERIOD DURING THE YEAR FOR CINEMA. How can you not love it? Its a bunch of Americans giving their mates awards which make their (most likely) already huge films EVEN MORE POPULAR. But of course, before I rant about The Oscars, I advise you form your own wholy rounded opions

 I feel there appears to be a pattern...
The Oscars tend to be an award system that bases it's winners upon their chums or indeed for those whom 'it's about time' they won. Could that be why Martin Scorsese’s Hugo is up for a whopper of 10 little golden men? 

My favourite film of the year was, by far, Drive. I feel the narrative, visuals and soundtrack were all exceptional and I left the cinema wanting to watch it again right away. And I'm not even a Gosling bummer (BIG DEAL). 

My favourite film had ONE nomination, that being for sound mixing. What a load of tripe. Even if I distance myself from personal views and award the cinema from an outsider point of view- if you can even do that- how can Tree of Life be up for best picture and Drive not. All be it, I enjoyed the 10 minute space montage which if I'd been intoxicated would have lifted me to the clouds, don't give it just because of Terrance Mallick and Braddy Armpit. Give it to true independent cinematic quality. 

Despite all this, we can all hope The Artist will walk away with some of the big awards... right? Well, turns out French cinema has won a total of only 4 Oscars, a nation which produces arguably some of the finest moving pictures. So let us not be all too shocked when poor Oggy the dog is sat tearing up in the corner for loosing out because the big Americans need to make friends. 

You should be shamed Mr Oscar, so very ashamed.

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