Friday, 20 January 2012

Online Shopping, gotta love it

My name is Maria and I am a shopaholic. Doesn't that sound like the first line of a shite, sexist, female only audience novel by a divorced woman? I am none of those things, incidentally. In all seriousness. I love to lash out the plastic and spend spend spend via the wonder that is the Internet. So I thought here today I would share with you some of my favourite online stores so you can do the same. 

I like some designs that say, Topshop, or ASOS do. Except, I hate nothing more than buying a 'quirky' T Shirt and seeing a minimum or 3 other people wearing it on the street whilst you. Your Eyes Only is for the hipster within us all. It is the Topshop and Urban Outfitters of the unique soul. Their designs range from ADORABLE...

...To damn right awesome... a bit, what the fuck...

But I even like that one. It's definitely one to check out. 

Next up, is probably not something new to most of you, Elf has become a huge brand in itself. But their range and quality is brilliant. As is the price! With international shipping, there is no reason to say no. Oh, and don't be put off shopping for make up online, at that price its hard to go wrong. Clear images help you match tones closely to what you need

And finally, and definitely best of all, comes Disturbia. This alternative brand is innovative and their T Shirt designs are fucking top notch. I want about EVERY SINGLE ONE. They're art that you can wear every day. I like their ethics and just them really. They're a top brand that I bloody love spending my money on. AND, pulled apart by horses once gave me a T Shirt by them, which makes it all that little bit better. 

Mega sale on too, so get on it!


  1. i like the last one.

    1. it's lush! gotta love disturbia clothes! xxx

  2. like ur blog...!!!