Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday Focus: Vanity

Recently, I've discovered 'vlogging'. I've known of its existence but have never acknowledged it till one of my favourite you tubers- Ingrid aka missglamourazzi ( started 'Vlogmas'. My initial thought cannot be expressed into words, but since we come from an age of text speak, I feel I can express it in the following emotion...  :|

Now, liking beauty products and fashion myself, I have no reservations with people blabbing on about their faces and what they intend to do with them. I'm not here to pretend no one should care about what they look like because frankly, we live in a world where its crucial. The majority of women wouldn't dream of a night out, or a job interview, maybe if they're sad and deranged enough, a trip to the supermarket without a pair of heels on. This makes me grossly sad. As a good friend of mine once said, 'the stiletto is the 21st century's tool of oppression'. Too rights, broski, too rights. This obsession with looks has reached a level where now, it is perfectly fine for someone to post DAILY videos about what they had for their lunch and how their digestive system has taken it. Why does missglamourazzi think I care?

Dear Ingrid's vlogs get on average 15,000 views in about a week. It is clear missglamourazzi is very much wise to think I care. The saddest part? I am utterly addicted to her vlogs. I haven't missed a single one. I am infatuated with the idea of someone else's life. Maybe the issue of the vanity of the creators of these so called vlogs isn't really the problem. Maybe its the utter depression those 15,000 people must feel to watch 20 minutes of a stranger's life. Comments on these videos include, 'oh Ingrid I wish my life was like yours' and 'you're the most awesome person ever'. How did she get granted the most awesome prize? For ordering a domino's pizza that turned out to not be all that nice.

Why do people, in fact, why do I myself care about Ingrid's existance as anything beyond the person that tells me if Revlon Lip Butters are any good before their UK release? I guess it's because no matter how happy we feel, or how much good we have, we always want more. We want what we can't have, nor need. Even if that is just a regular mundane life. At least it's a change.

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