Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Elf: base haul

Eyes Lips Face. Today, I went a bit mad for the face bit.

Elf Stipple Brush
Hurrraaaahh! This is completely what I went on Elf for. I've been wanting this guy for the longest time, and by gum I'm glad he's finally in my arms. It's brilliant with the application of both wet and dry products. Not only that, it improves the appearance of any foundation. Layering thin applications increases the coverage immensely and makes it last so much longer. I love ittttt  
 Mineral Foundation- SPF 15- Shade: warm
This is a light mineral foundation. At the whopping price of £3.50, it does the job really well, leaving you with a satin finish. I haven't tried wearing it throughout the day, but I'm not too sure it would fare too well. Nevertheless, I think its lovely and on par with other mineral foundations I've tried that are a lot more pricey. I'd advise to apply with the Elf Stipple brush and the further you push it down into your skin, the more locked the effect will be. Overall, canny lovely.
Complete Coverage Concealer 
I want to start with the positives... it comes with a mirror which mega useful, as well as a brush, the shades included vary in  nudity and I really like that, and the texture of the product is silky and nice. On the downside, the coverage is a little light for me. Unfortunately this is a concealer and you *kindaaaaaa* need that. Also, the brush included is God awful for this products BUT it makes a bloody brilliant eyeliner brush. No complaints there. Over all, I don't regret buying this and I still use it, however I was EXPECTING something with more high coverage, as the name may suggest.
Elf Compact Perfection
This little guy has 4 different sheer shades of pressed powder, a pink, blue, green and yellow. It recommended that you mix all the shades together and apply it liberally to create an even and perfect complexion. My advise would be to use the separate shades in accordance to the colour which they eliminate, i.e. the yellow for purple/blue tones, the blue for yellower ones, the green to hide purple and the pink for olive/dark discolouration. Myself being European mixed race I have a lot of greeny brown around my eyes and mouth. I find the pink minimises that really well. It's a nice, light finishing powder and for the price you'd be mad not to give it a whirl.

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