Wednesday, 4 January 2012


 2011 was filled with many discoveries for me. New job meant money. Money meant, 'get in, let me waste my money of benefit make up'. People new in my life helped me discover music and film like I'd never heard nor seen before. Just generally, it's been a year full of turning points and treasures.

So here I look back at some of my favourite things of this glorious 2011. 

 make up;;
Collection 2000 Ultimate Fix 3in1
The most surprising of all. I LOVE collection 2000 and think it's an insanely underrated brand. If you know how to work make up and apply it, Collection 2000 can achieve an amazing finish. I stumbled across this by accident and bought it because of a 3 for 2 offer. Despite having light olive skin, my shade of this product was ivory. It comes on really nice and smooth. Even though its very light product, it has impressive coverage. I'd recommend this for normal to combination skin. I wouldn't recommend it for overly dry or oily skin. This product claims to work as powder too, but I feel finishing press powder is needed. 
Rating:::: 7/10
Olay Complete Care Day UV Fluid (SPF 15)
Who knew? What I'd previously (and ashamedly) associated as the 'nana' brand, has now rescued my skin. I never get dry, it doesn't clog my pores and its light and pleasant. Just sheer genius. I know this would work for teenage skin, whilst working for mature skin too. Just genius. ALSO soooo affordable. Run out and get it!
Rating:::: 9/10

Topshop Elephant Necklace
Does this need a review? So beautiful. I'm not one to hoot about manufactured tatty jewellery, but this is amazing. The quality is excellent yet it looks so delicate. I think Topshop have recently really improved their jewellery range and I find myself going back to that evil chain more and more these days. Ah well, gotta have the bling...

Despite what so many say, I think we're in a fantastic time for music. Two of my favourite bands of this year have to be PULLED APART BY HORSES and CEREBRAL BALLZY (Jesus wept, I fancy the lead singer ridiculous amounts). 
I own record by both of these but most importantly have seen them both live on a couple of different occasions. They both put on an insane show and I truly believe that's the most important thing about music. You make records to perform them, right? (please note- exclusions include Burial+more) 
They appeal to lovers of real hardcore and those up for some shitting good music. 

Rating:::: a million out of a million 

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